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Music For Vets / MFV

Our line up for January 7th, 2023 has been finalized.

     First a shout out to Wisler Chevrolet  -  They have chose to benefit MFV thru their annual car show. Helping us continue our donation efforts in the community.

This year we will have the following artist perform

Main Event (Green River Pavilion):


- Zamtrip

- Ginger and the Gents

- Atlas Falls

- South Pass

After Party (Green River American Legion):

- The Real Doug Lane

Tickets $10 before the show, $15 at the door.

Music For Vets - Information

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Our Line-Up

Please visit our page for an introductory on the music.

Music For Vets / MFV - The Bands

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Music for Vets Raffles - Facebook Page

Music For Vets / MFV 2023 Event

Tom Whitmore Post 28 of The American Legion is announcing the ninth Annual Music For Vets event. This Benefit show will be held on January 7th 2023 at the Island Pavilion in Green River, Wyoming. This is a Tom Whitmore Post 28 of The American Legion and Zamtrip event.


This is a benefit show, where bands and other musical acts donate or reduce their fees and perform during this charity event to raise proceeds for the local Veterans Relief Fund. All raised monies are designated as Veterans Relief. All funds stay local, to help Veterans, Veterans families, and traveling Veterans who breakdown or need assistance in the area.


The event is a five hour event and in 2022 raised in excess of $40,000. The event has grown every year in both attendance and funds raised. Our goal for 2023 is to generate positive funds through donations and sponsorships and having the event be the biggest and most successful one yet.  We are always ready to adjust to whatever is necessary to assure the safety of our participants, volunteers, and attendees.  We had a great event in 2022 and with the planning of the 2023 event going full speed ahead, we are confident that 2023 is going to be a great and successful event.  This is the ultimate goal as the Veteran Relief Fund has helped so many veterans in need and there will be so many more needing assistance in the future.

Tom Whitmore Post 28 of The American Legion

Where do the Veterans Relief Funds go? These funds help Veterans in the region. We help Veterans who have exhausted efforts to put food on the table, who over extended their funds due to a unforeseen household emergency, an unexpected extra living expense when the Veteran is on a fixed income, when the Veteran is stranded in the area and needs emergency funds to make it a little further. Veterans with children and our senior homebound Veterans are always a priority to help. We do verify that the person is a Veteran and assess each case. We also cooperate between other Veteran organizations in the area to ensure that the immediate need is satisfied.


Tom Whitmore Post 28 of the American Legion distributes these funds only as Cash Grants. Tom Whitmore Post 28 of The American Legion has distributed over $66,000 over the past 7 years to Veterans in Need and other veterans assistance programs. Music for Vets has generated $55,000 towards the Local Area Veterans Assistance programs over the past 7 years. These Veteran Assistance programs are administered through Tom Whitmore Post 28 of The American Legion, Archie Hay Post 24 of The American Legion and Post 2321 Green River, Veterans of Foreign Wars.


-- Tom Whitmore Post 28 of The American Legion 38 North Center Street Green River, Wyoming 82935

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